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Plate Bearing Test

Plate Bearing Test
Plate Bearing Test
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Product Code : JLab1669
Brand Name : JLab
Product Description

Plate Bearing Test

Use:-For estimating the bearing capacity of shallow foundations and for the design of flexible pavement; also used for load tests of soil and flexible pavement components.


  • Hydraulic jack with fixed pumping unit capacity: 0-500 kN. x 0.5 kN.
  • Pressure gauge and flexible metal pipe 5m long - 1No.
  • 1 Special ball and socket arrangement between the jack and the bearing plate.
  • 16 Extension rod 12mm. dia x 25cm long.
  • 4 Magnetic base with a female thread on top for holding extension rod.
  • 4 Top end plate, 50mm, dia with a male thread for fitting onto the extension rods and positioning the dial gauge plunger.
  • 2 Column 15cm dia x 25cm long with flanges complete with four bolts and nuts.
  • 1 Column 15cm x 50cm long with flanges complete with four bolts and nuts.
  • 1 Bridge support for welded steel angle construction, 5m, span and stands approximately 30cm, high, fitted with two quick release clamps, dial bracket.
  • Plane M.S (Mild Steel) Plate 60 cms x 60cms sq. x 25mm thick.
  • Plane M.S.Plate 45cms x 45cm.sq. x 25mm thick.
  • Plane M.S.Plate 30cms x 30cm.sq. x 25mm thick.
  • 4 Dial Gauge 0.01mm x 25mm.


  • Plane Mild Steel (M.S) Plate 75cm x 25mm thick.
  • Plane M.S. Plate 50cm x 25mm thick.
  • Grooved M.S. Plate:-
  • 60cm x 60cm x 25mm thick,
  • 45cm x 45cm x 25mm thick,
  • 30cm x 30cm x 25mm thick,
  • 75cm x 75cm x 25mm thick.
  • Flexible rubber pipe 1m. Length for the hydraulic jack in the place of metal pipe