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Consolidation Apparatus

Consolidation Apparatus
Consolidation Apparatus
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Product Code : JLab1665
Brand Name : JLab
Product Description

Consolidation Apparatus


  • The standard outfit comprises of the following items.
  • Loading unit, maximum capacity 20 kg/cm sq. having a loading yoke connected to a lever arm with a counter balancing adjustment and having a lever ratio of 1:1, the whole assembly being mounted on a sturdy steel frame stand.
  • The loading unit is so designed that it can be used for consolidation cells of different diameters as well as different dia floating ring type consolidation cells.
  • Fixed ring type consolidomenter (Odeometer) cell assembly for testing 60 mm Dia x 20 mm thick specimen comprising.
  • Fixed ring for specimens 60 mm Dia x 20 mm thick with guide ring.
  • Top and Bottom Porous stones for 60 mm dia specimen.
  • Perforated Pressure pad, Channelled base with water inlet and Gasket.
  • Flanged Water Jacket, water reservoir with a plastic tube and pinch cock.
  • Set of weights to give a pressure of 10 kg/cm.sq. on 60 mm dia specimen, comprising:-
  • 7 Nos. 0.05 kg/, 5 Nos. 0.1 kg/, 6 Nos. 0.2 kg/, 6 Nos. 0.5 kg/, and 5 Nos. 1.0 kg/
  • Supplied complete as above but without dial gauge.
  • Dial Gauge 0.002 mm x 10 mm.
  • Extension piece, 40 mm long.
  • Test forms pad of 50 for Consolidation Test Plot Test forms the pad of 50 for one Dimensional Consolidation.